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Jan 4, 2020Jan 4 Show with Rich Man's Trick, Sadbox at Blind Bob's

Here is a rare opportunity to see Rich Man's Trick as well as the amazing Sadbox with Dark Backward at Blind Bob's. You won't want to miss this one.

Apr 2, 2019New CD - Machinery!

Dark Backward has just issued music from Machine Part I [FLEX] and Machine Part II - [CORRECT] in CD form! If you are into the idea of having something physical in your hands, we would suggest you pick one up at our shows!

Dec 24, 2018Dark Backward at Blind Bob's!

Dark Backward will be reuniting with the amazing Jasper the Colossal at Blind Bob's on Saturday, January 5. We are also very happy to have Rich Man's Trick on the bill as well.

We will be playing some of our newer material from the "Machine" series, so if you haven't heard us lately, this would be a good opportunity.

Oct 7, 2018Dark Backward is playing at HauntFest!

Dark Backward will be making a rare appearance with surf luchador legends Team Void at the Trolley Stop on Saturday, October 27 in Dayton's famous Oregon District during the big HauntFest on Fifth!!!!. You won't see us in an intimate venue like this very often, and Team Void will be setting the Jaguars on stun, so this event is not to be missed! Why not show off that snazzy costume the right way?

Aug 14, 2018New EP - Machine Part II [CORRECT] - is available!

The new EP is now available! And you can have it on your grimy massive music blasters by simply going to BandCamp and downloading your own copy. We think it's one of our meatiest up to this point. We know you will concur. Big-time "FANK YEW"s to Greg Tobias for the original art work.

Jun 23, 2017New EP - Machine Part I [FLEX] - is available!

The new EP is now available! And you can have it on your hot little digital players by simply going to BandCamp and downloading your own copy. We think it's one of our strongest to date. We know you will agree. Big-time "THANK YOU"s to Greg Tobias for the amazing art work.

Jun 17, 2017New EP is mastered!

We have just completed mastering of our new EP. Expect it to be available on BandCamp very shortly. More details to follow.

Jun 1, 2017New Merch!

Dark Backward has new T-shirts and buttons available at our shows. The design is from our good pal, Greg Tobias. Please see us at our next show and get your very own new and shiny schwag.

Apr 2, 2017Dark Backward at 12th Annual DAYTON SIDESHOW!

Dark Backward is happy to announce that they are returning to the 12th Annual Dayton Sideshow at the "Old" Yellow Cab Building in Dayton Ohio. We will be playing on the big stage at 8:30 pm May 13. We hope to see all of you there. It should prove to be a great time for all.

Apr 2, 2017Work nearing completion on new EP.

Dark Backward is currently finishing up a 5 song EP of entirely new and original material. We are very proud of the work and it falls in line with what you would expect from us, in that it rocks serious balls with just the right amount of melodic elements.

Mar 30, 2017Ride the Sky, Brother.

Dark Backward is sad to announce that our brother and original bass player Maxamian Nye passed away quietly at approximately 10:15 pm Thursday, March 30, 2017. He was unlike anyone else you would ever meet. Max was definitively Max. He was someone we miss very dearly at this moment and we shall continue to do so...

Jan 1, 2017Maxamian Nye steps down. Patrick Berry steps in.

In 2016, health issues forced Nye to take an emeritus position with the group. Patrick Berry was tabbed to take over the reins on bass.

May 10, 2016Dark Backward at SIDESHOW + Fifth Backward

We've got some exciting news! Not only is Dark Backward playing Friday May 13 at Sideshow at the Old Yellow Cab Building, but we have a fifth Backward.... Engineer and Producer Extraordinaire, Fred Vahldiek has come from the other side of the console and will be playing keys with us that night. Prepare to experience a new dimension of texture and sound. And other things. We're really looking forward to this one. Plus we get to share the stage with some folks we haven't played with in a while, in Cricketbows, Dip Spit and Curse of Cassandra. And don't forget that My Latex Brain will be playing on Saturday. Great weekend line-up. We can't wait.

Jan 6, 2016New Dark Backward EP on Bandcamp!

Dark Backward has officially released the new EP "Tension/Release" and it's exclusively available on Bandcamp! You can check it out at

Nov 6, 2015Dark Backward on Gem City Podcast!

Some time over the late summer, the Dark Backward boys sat in with Izzy Rock at Gem City Podcast and we shared some music from our last full-length, Phrase & Fable and had a real fun conversation. Give it a listen and tell us what you think!

Gem City Podcast - Episode 183: Storyteller - Dark Backward

Jul 8, 2015What is that smell?

Have you ever had the feeling that you've read something before but you couldn't remember where you had read it? Have you ever had the feeling that you've read something before but you couldn't remember where you had read it? Have you ever had a balony sandwich that taunted you before you enjoyed every morsel of its deliciousness?

Feb 28, 2015This space has text.

Does anybody actually read this? I know... we never update it so why would you. But if you happend to actually look down here, I would highly recommend that you make it a point to see Dip Spit. Wow. I cannot really put into words what I had witnessed, but it was downright something or other. And Jasper just gets better every time I see them. I wish the rest of the world knew about them.

So we got another show coming up with SWARM and The Loveless on March 14, 2015. If you didn't catch it when we played with them in November, please don't screw up and miss this one. Man... that is some serious guitar wranglin'. Our old friend James Rouch's The Nuckles is also on the bill, so this should prove to be an amazing night. Like the flyer? Yeah, that was done by our buddy Greg Tobias. He does sweet work, no?

Jul 28, 2014Back in the studio!

Yeah, I know... we live there, right? Maybe you should actually buy some of our output. That's okay... we still like you a lot. Anyway, yeah, we're recording two new songs at Fredzo's and we're really proud of them. We are thinking split single... Be on the lookout for "Carbon" and "Driven". They are both awesome and you will love both of them. Believe us.

Jun 29, 2014The Sandwich and Medicine King

Hope you were at Blind Bob's last night, because if you weren't, you messed up. Medicine King (from Nashville) brought some serious Steeley Dan flavored awesomity to the evening and The Sandwich blew everyone's mind with pure pop-driven genius by some of the best string picking in the FREAKIN NATION. Wow. Wow. and Wow. Tough act to follow, but we soldiered on and didn't do too bad for ourselves. I'm starting to realize how much I use apostrophes, which if you're familiar with HTML, it requires 4 characters to make a damn apostrophe. Maybe I will start typing more formally from here out.

Mar 25, 2014Show at Blind Bobs!

Dark Backward will be performing Friday, March 28 with Those Crosstown Rivals from Lexington and Jeremy Porter and the Tucos from Detroit. Hope you can make it, because it should prove to be a blast.

Mar 25, 2014Dark Backward now on Bandcamp

We have added Bandcamp to a host of web sites that you can listen to and purchase our latest album, Phrase & Fable Be sure to check it out!

Nov 9, 2013CD Release Show

Please join us to celebrate the release of our new CD "Phrase & Fable" Saturday, Nov 30 at Oregon Express with special guests Paige Beller and Feathered Serpent.

Oct 3, 2013CD's Are In!

Finally! We've just received our shipment of our new CD Phrase & Fable. We've scheduled the CD Release Party to be Saturday, Nov 30 at Oregon Express. We'll share more details as they become available.

Jun 1, 2013Off to Mastering!

We've completed the CD and shipped it off to Carl Saff in Chicago for mastering! We hope to get the master back by early July, and then it's off for pressing!

We've also teamed up with Rodger Revlon at Waggletone Records and this will be a joint release between Waggletone and Worst Case Scenario Records!

Apr 13, 2013Out of the studio!

Welp, we've finally completed mixing of the new record (working title now "Phrase and Fable"). So now we're saving our dough to get it mastered and pressed. We're working with Rodger Revlon's famed Waggletones records for this release, and we promise it will be a real crowd pleaser. Best record we've done yet. But you can help us raise the money to get this bad boy out by coming to see us at J-Alan's Saturday April 20. We'll be playing with Splattertude, Jasper the Colossal and Akillis Green, so it's going to be a great time. Hope to see ya there!

Jan 21, 2013Dayton Does Dayton is BACK!

It's that time of year again! Louie Wood Jr. is kicking off yet another extravaganza where Dayton bands pay tribute to other Dayton bands. Yup. Time for the Third Annual Dayton Does Dayton Fest! This one comes back to Canal Street Tavern and it's going to be two nights again: Fri Feb 1 and Sat Feb 2. Dark Backward will be playing Saturday, Februrary 2, but we'd suggest you go both nights. There's some bands you definitely know and some you need to know, and if you know anything about Dayton music, you'll hear plenty of songs from your misspent youth. Mark your calendar. BONUS: Free Parking!

Jan 20, 2013Light at the end of the tunnel

One song left to finish.. Wow. Did we say which early summer we were talking about?

Oct 31, 2012Getting Closer

We have 4 songs mixed and 7 to go. Not exactly early summer. But it sure does bring it.

June 5, 2012Back at work

Well we're back in the studio and we're also getting ready for a show with Once-Ler on June 9 at Bojangles, so it's good to be back at work again.

April 21, 2012Another 80's Tribute Show

Louie Wood has put together another stellar line-up for an 80's Tribute Show at Canal Street Tavern on Friday, May 4. This may be the most accessible list of numbers we've ever performed for one of these. We guarantee you'll know all of them.

March 4, 2012New Record is Imminent.

Pre-production under way; full-on tape-rolling actions to follow by week's end (again with Fredzo) on full-length album, tentatively titled
"Bomb the Rails / Burn the Hearse"
due early summer.

October 10, 2011A Tribute to the Life and Music of Gyn Cameron

On Saturday September 24, we lost one of our dear friends and musical pioneer Gyn Cameron. As a gesture of our appreciation to his friendship and influence, we will be having a celebration of his life on Saturday, October 15 at Oregon Express. Former members of Dementia Precox will get together once again and perform some of the most memorable songs Gyn was known for. You can expect to see Rodger Revlon, Max Nye, Troy Vance, Eric Purtle, Royce Robbins, Ed Lacy, Nick Kizirnis with Jason Himes providing the voice. Gem City Saints and Dark Backward are also on this bill. This is a special evening not to be missed.


Just a quick heads up that the postings in the paper about us playing on July 2 were not correct. We are actually having the CD release show at Canal Street Tavern on July 9th. Don't you feel better now?

June 16, 2011CD RELEASE

Well the CD's are in and we have a CD release scheduled for Saturday, July 9 at Canal Street Tavern. Dayton Band Playoff veterens Bonneville will be joining us on the bill, as well as a very special TBA. Come see the real fireworks and bring 5 bucks for the new CD EP2011

May 8, 2011Sneak Preview of "EP2011"

Visit our music page for a free download of a new song off of the upcoming release "EP2011" - Factotum

May 8, 201180's Rewind Show at Canal Street Tavern.

Louie Wood has organized yet another band-spangled fun-fest. The second annual Rewind, A Live Band Tribute to the 80's will be Friday, June 3 at Canal Street Tavern. Should prove to be a fun time!

Apr 14, 2011Out of the Studio!

We just finished up mastering work at Fredzo's of the new EP "Mother Inferior". Stay tuned for word on an upcoming CD release party.

Feb 5, 2011Valentines Show at Oregon Express!

Yup. It's time for Dark Backward to host another (nearly) annual Valentines Show at Oregon Express (Feb. 12). This should be a real fun one. JJ Pearson (former Toxic Reasons) will be coming in from Indy. And we'll also be playing with The Quickturns (former Phylum Idiota, The Bang Tale, Sexicon, as well as a myriad of others) for the first time. Don't miss it!

Feb 5, 2011Back in the studio

Well since it's winter, it's time once again for Dark Backward to warms its collective bones in the studio. So we are back at Fredzo's and we're working on a new EP (working title Mother Inferior). We're shooting for a May release.

Feb 5, 2011Dayton Does Dayton was a buh-last!

Hope you were able to make it down to the Dayton Does Dayton show last weekend. Both Friday and Saturday were phenomenal. Lots of guest appearances, and just a nice little trip down memory lane in general. Awesome turnout. We were definitely the loudest band from both nights (as it should be). Major Thanks to Ed Pittman for helping us out with Somebody Help Me and Noise Boys!

Jan 15, 2011Dayton Does Dayton!

We've been invited to play night two of a very special event at Canal Street Tavern called "Dayton Does Dayton". This event will feature many local bands playing some of their favorite songs by other Dayton bands (past and present). It's an excellent opportunity to rediscover how richly blessed this little burg has been in sheer rock glory. Make it a point to go both Friday, Jan 28 and Saturday, Jan 29 when we'll be playing. Hope to see you there!

Sept 25, 2010Binary Love Video is Done!

Our pal and genuine swell dude, Guy Casablanca has completed our video for Binary Love, and man does it look sweet. We can't thank Guy enough for all the hard work and expertise that went into making this ultra-slick looking eye candy. You owe it to yourself to check it out on our video page right now!

Sept 5, 201080's Tribute Show was a hit

We'd like to thank Louie and Canal Street for having us out for the 80's Tribute Show at Canal Street Tavern. We had a great time, and we're looking forward to the Bowie Tribute Show at South Park Tavern on October 9.

July 13, 2010New Video in the Works

Currently, our pal Guy is working on a video for "Binary Love". Keep your eyes peeled for it. It's gonna be KILL!

June 27, 2010CD Release Show a Smashing Success

Our CD Release Show at Oregon Express went off fantastically. Thanks to everyone for helping us move a scajillion of our new product "Mute Memorials". If you didn't get one, don't worry. We've got more for ya!

June 13, 2010updated video on the video page

Just added a Don Habil video to our Video page. Another sampling from the new CD Mute Memorials. It's the track "Parable".

June 9, 2010teaser tune on the music page

Click over to our Music page to get a free sample/download of "Binary Love", the opening track from our upcoming CD, Mute Memorials.

June 7, 2010Some good news, some bad news and some more good news.

Our buddies C. Wright's Parlour Tricks have been offered a weekly gig at the Oregon Express. Which is fantastic, because that's exactly what Mr. Wright has been trying to make happen for awhile. Now the bad news, so as not to dillute the proverbial waters, all parties thought it best for the guys to not do double-duty in a single week at the same venue. So sadly, C. Wright's Parlour Tricks have bowed out of the June 26 CD release show. BUT the good news is that the Jackalopes have confirmed the date, so everything is awesome again, kids. Still a show not to be missed. And please be sure to check the calendar at the Oregon Express to see when you can get your weekly dose of the Parlour Tricks boys.

May 25, 2010At Last! It is accomplished!

Our new CD "Mute Memorials" has finally come back from the presses! We couldn't be more happy with it. Sounds good. Looks good. It even feels good. So we'll be having a CD release party for this magnum opus on Saturday, June 26 at the Oregon Express. My Latex Brain and C. Wright's Parlour Tricks will be joining us in the festoonery. Be sure not to miss this!

Feb 8, 2010Everything's coming together.

We're finally in the mixing process for the new album, and it's sounding pretty HUGE. Fredzo is master knob twister, extrodinaire. We'd like to thank Todd Herbert from Sleepybird for coming in and laying on some tasty keyboard lines. Things are looking right on schedule. Chris Corn (My Latex Brain) came by the 'Brau and shot a ton of killer pictures. Roger Owsley (My Latex Brain as well) has been working on some destroyed art for us. Everything is falling in line.

Jan 13, 2010Close to wrapping up/Show on Jan 15

Hope the New Year is treating you all nicely. We've just about completed all of the overdubbing on the new full-length with the exception of some additional iron lung and blender treatments. Currently the tentative goal is to get this out in early April. We're not planning on performing locally until then, so you really need to come out to the Oregon Express Fri. Jan. 15. We'll be with the most awesome Gem City Saints as well as Victor Bravo (from NYC). Major-extra kudos to the Gem City Saints for helping get them on the bill. Anyway, it sure would be nice to see you at the OE this Friday. Wish we had some freebie sampler CDs for you, but we haven't mixed anything just yet. Hope you all can make it.

Dec 12, 2009In the Studio (part deux)

We'll be heading into Fredzo's in early December to start the basic tracks for a full-length. Stay tuned. We're hoping to have a "freebie single" available for the Jan. 15 show.

Nov 14, 2009Blind Bob's, Dayton

We had a great time at Blind Bob's. We'd like to thank Splattertude for putting us on that one. Gem City Saints were bringin' it. And We Must Be Stopped had a very unique approach. Apparently, Chris Corn is very good at sitting completely still for extended periods of time. Thanks guys!

Nov 7, 2009Small's, Detroit

Wow. Major fank-yews to Joanna and the Helle's Belles Burlesque. That was a total blast. The 3-D Invisibles (in full-Lurch) were awesome.